Duophone English

This stop is listed only by Audsley, who says:

The name given by G. W. Till, of Philadephia, to an open labial stop, of 8 ft. pitch, recently invented by him; the pipes of which are of wood, having inclined sides, and mouths furnished with metal upper lips and cylindrical harmonic bridges. The tone of this stop is dual, the prime tone and its first upper partial being produced in almost equal volume, and is remarkable on account of its penetrating and traveling quality without undesirable loudness.

Other compound stops designed by George W. Till include Nasard Flûte, Nasard Gamba, Quint Flute, and Tierce Flute.


Duophone 8', Orchestral; John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, PA.


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Audsley, The Organ of the Twentieth Century, pp. 109, 451-2.

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