Dulzayna Spanish
Regalia[s] Spanish

These two names are mentioned only by Maclean, along with Orlos, with the description “Regal 8 ft. bass and treble”. Dulzayna is probably a synonym for Dulcayna or Dulzian.


Dulzayna 8' (en chamade), manual left and right; Parroquia, Medinacelli, Soria, Spain; Verdalonga 1797. Reported unplayable in 1978.

Regalia, Cadereta de Espalda; Colegiata, Daroca, Zaragoza, Spain; Salanoba & Grañera 1718.

Regalías 8', Manual I; Sagaseta residence. Pamplona, Navarra, Spain; Blancafort 1980.

Regalía 8' (divided), manual; portable organ, Conservatorio Pablo Sarasate, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain; de Graaf 1982.

Regalías 8', Organo Expresivo; Chamber Hall, Auditorio Nacional, Madrid, Spain; Blancafort 1991.


Maclean[1]: Trompetería.
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