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This name is an English corruption of Krummhorn, and has been used mainly as a synonym for Clarinet. In the past, some organ builders have incorrectly interpreted it as indicating a violin, after the Italian city of Cremona, famed for its violins. Irwin claims that the name has also been used as a synonym for Clarinet Flute. Grove dates the name from around 1680, which predates the introduction of the name Clarinet by half a century.


Osiris contains 37 examples, all at 8' pitch except for two at 4'. Two, including one 4', are flues, the rest are reeds.

Cremona 8', Choir; St Paul's Cathedral, London, England; Schmidt 1697. This is the earliest known example of this stop name. It may possibly have been a later addition, but no later than 1800.

Cremona 8', Great; Unitarian Church, Northfield, Massachusetts, USA; Hook 1842.

Cremona 8', Choir; United Methodist Church, Westbrooke, Maine, USA; Hook 1854.

Cremona 4' (flue), Schwellwerk; Propsteikirche, Beckum, Germany; Klais 1913. Judging by its location in the stop list, this example is a string.

Cremona 8' (flue), Manual V; St. James, Stockholm, Sweden; Akerman & Lund 1930. This example is accompanied by an 8' Viola Celeste.

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