Cornet des Bombardes French
Harmonics English
Stentor Cornet English

Listed only by Irwin under the name Cornet des Bombardes:

A compound manual stop composed of several ranks of loud Open Diapason pipes of metal. It is designed as a supplement to some particular division of loud Chorus Reeds or flue stops, such as the Solo, Fanfare, or Stentor. Pitches above 1-3/5' or 1-1/3' are sometimes broken back in spite of the rule to carry Cornet ranks upward without breaks in pitch. Stentor Cornet or just Harmonics are also usable names.

According to Greek legend, Stentor was a herald in the Trojan war, described by Homer as having a voice as loud as fifty men. The word Bombardes here most likely refers to a division; see Bombarde. There is an alternate definition for the name Harmonics.

See Stentorphone.


Irwin gives the following three-rank examples:

2-2/3' + 2' + 1-3/5'
2' + 1-1/3' + 1'
1-1/3' + 1' + 2/3'
1' + 2/3' + 1/2'


No examples of Stentor Cornet are known. Contributions welcome.

Cornet des Bombardes 32' (derived), Chancel Pedal; Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Newark, New Jersey, USA; Schantz 1953.

Cornet des Bombardes 32', Pedal; chancel organ, Riverside Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Ontko & Young 1994.


Irwin[1]: Cornet des Bombardes.
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