Baryphon Greek
Baryphone Greek?

A 16' reed stop whose name comes from the Greek words barus “heavy” and fônê “voice”. The name Baryphon is listed only by Wedgwood, who says: “A free reed stop with Trumpet bodies, used occasionally in Swiss organs and frequently in Orchestrions (e.g., by Welte, of Freiburg, in Saxony).” The name Baryphone does not appear in the literature, but an example appears in Osiris[1] (see below), and we assume the two names to be synonymous.

Compare with Baryton; see also Syntheton.


Baryphone 16', Positif Expressif; Notre Dame de la Dalbade; Toulouse, France; Theodore Puget 1888.


Wedgwood[1]: Baryphon.
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