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Scharfcymbel German
Scharfzimbel German
Cymbelscharf German
Zymbel-scharf German

Adlung has the most to say about the Cymbelscharf:

[Cymbel] is almost identical with a very small [high-pitched] mixture, or with the Scharp or Scharf; though the Scharf is usually composed somewhat differently.
Because, as has just been mentioned, it is often the same as Scharf, the name Cymbelscharf is also found, for example in the Kreuzkirche in Dresden, where there is also a separate Scharf as well. Thus it must sound like a Cymbel, or there is some other distinction, or they do not stand on the same manual. There is indeed a Scharf Cymbel at St. Petri in Lübeck, as well as at the Kirche zu Unsrer Lieben Frau there; see Praetorius. In the Pfarrkirche organ at Königsberg this Cymbelscharf is actually 4 ranks, but [only] 3 ranks at St. Dominicus in Prague, the usual size at which the Cymbel is found.

Sumner says only “sometimes a four- or five-rank stop, known as Zymbel-scharf, was made.” Irwin mentions Scharfzimbel in a list of mixture stops under the heading “Diapason Chorus”, with no definition; we assume it to be a synonym.


All known examples of Scharfcymbel and Scharfzimbel are given below. No examples of Cymbelscharf or Zymbelscharf are known. Contributions welcome.

Scharfzimbel III, Kronpositiv; Christuskirche, Koblenz, Germany; Peter 1953.

Scharfzimbel IV, Brustwerk; St. Andreaskirche, Hildesheim, Germany; von Beckerath.

Scharfzimbel V, Oberwerk; Schauspielhauses, Berlin, Germany; Jehmlich.

Scharf-Zimbel III 1/2', Great; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Missouri, USA; Keates-Geissler 1990.

Scharf-Zimbel IV 1', Choir; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Missouri, USA; Keates-Geissler 1990.

Scharfcymbel IV 2/3', Brustwerk; MarienOrgel, Abbey, Ottobeuren, Germany; Steinmeyer 1957.

Scharfcymbel III 2/3', Hauptwerk; Stadtpfarrkirche, MariaeHimmelfahrt, Landsberg, Germany; Schmid 1983.

Scharf-Cymbel III, Positiv; First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, New York, USA; Noehren 1969.


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