Zauberpiccolo German

This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A soft 2' Flute on the manuals, in construction quite similar to the Zauberflöte. It is bright but not at all string-like and is a round tone, considering its pitch at two octaves above the unison. It is useful as a diminutive Flute to extend the other Flutes of 4' and 8' upward. It can blend well with the Zauberflöte, Dolce Flute, Spitzflöte, Nachthorn, or Dulciana. In fact, the stopped harmonic series of Flutes is well known for this quality of blend. It is not so versatile as the Piccolo or Harmonic Piccolo in most uses, however, because it is quite soft, frequently around mpp or pp, as an average.

Bonavia-Hunt mentions it, but only to cite the example listed below.


Zauberpiccolo 2', Solo; King George's Hall, Blackburn [England?]; Rushworth & Dreaper.


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