Wedge Flute English

A rare stop, possibly invented by the Fisk firm. The only description we have comes from the Fisk web site:

The Wedge flute was made from a Melodia in the former organ, the backs of the wooden pipes were removed and re-glued after the bodies were tapered.


All known examples are given below.

Wedge Flute 8', Great; First United Baptist Church, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA; Fisk 1972.

Wedge Flute 4', Great; First Presbyterian Church, Cazenovia, New York, USA; Fisk 1976.

Wedge Flute 8', Swell; St. John's Episcopal Church, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA; Fisk 1989.

Wedge Flute 8', Great; Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Virginia, USA; Meyer 1978 (tonal design by Fisk).

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