Waldquinte German
Wald Quint German/English

Waldquinte is listed only by Audsley, who says:

This stop is mentioned by Seidel, Regnier, and Schlimbach. It has been made of 5-1/3 ft., 2-2/3 ft., and 1-1/3 ft. pitch; but Seidel says that in Organs constructed in his time it was very seldom inserted. This would appear to have been the case, for we have failed to find a single record of the insertion of a Waldquinte in any Organ. Wolfram (1815) and Schlimbach describe the stop as similar in form an tonality to the Waldflöte.


Wald Quint 10-2/3', 5-1/3', Great-Solo; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh 1929-32.


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