Cello Pomposa Italian
Violoncello Pomposa Italian

Violoncello Pomposa is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A solo form of the Violoncello, at 8' on the manuals. This rich, resonant, big-toned, stringy timbre has a few more overtones in it than the average 'Cello stop. It is one of the loudest Strings in the organ. It may be on the Solo or String windchest, and may make the loudest céleste in the organ. It is usually made fropm metal pipes but wood provides an equally loud, deep, bright-toned effect if the rank is so designed.

The name Cello Pomposa does not appear in the literature.

See Viola Pomposa.


Cello Pomposa 8', Solo; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh 1929-32.

Cello Pomposa 8', Hornwerk; Luitpoldhallë; Nürnberg, Germany; Walcker 1936 (destroyed).

No examples of Violoncello Pomposa are known. Contributions welcome.


Irwin[1]: Violoncello Pomposa.
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