Violino Vibrato Italian

Listed only by Audsley, who says:

A stop of 8 ft. pitch similar in the form and scale of its pipes to the Violin, but slightly softer in tone; occupying, in this respect, an intermediate place between the Violin and the Violino Sordo. The distinctive peculiarity of this stop lies in its being tuned a few beats sharp, so as to produce a wavering effect when sounded in combination with a correctly tuned unison string-toned stop. As the Violino Vibrato occupies a similar place in the tonal scheme of the Organ to the Violoncello Vibrato, its offices in the stop-apportionment of the Ancillary String Organ may be considered identical.
See Celeste.


Violino Vibrato 8', String Organ; Memorial Auditorium, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA; Austin 1925.


Audsley[1]: Violino Vibrato.
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