Twenty-Sixth English
Vigesima Sesta Italian
Vigessima-sexta Latin

This is mutation is rarely an independent stop, but usually a Mixture rank. It sounds the 12th harmonic, at 2/3' for the 8' harmonic series, or 1-1/3' for the 16' harmonic series. It is a fifth-sounding rank.


Osiris contains a dozen examples of Vigesima Sesta, five at 2/3', two at 1-1/3', and the rest of unknown pitch. No examples of Vigessima-sexta are known.

Twenty Sixth 2/3', Great; Duke University Memorial Chapel, Durham, North Carolina, USA; Brombaugh 1997.

Twenty Sixth 2/3', Choir-Swell and Great-Solo; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh.


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