Kleinterz German
Octave Tierce English
Twenty-Fourth English
Vigesima Quarta Italian
Vigessima-quarta Latin

This almost never an independent stop, being much too high-pitched, but is rather a Mixture rank. It sounds the 10th harmonic, at 4/5' for the 8' harmonic series, or 1-3/5' for the 16' harmonic series. It is a third-sounding rank. Irwin claims: it approximates the tenth natural harmonic ... and sounds the E4 from middle C. Irwin is wrong. It speaks exactly the 10th harmonic, which only approximates an E when played from a C key.

See also Kleinterz.


No examples of Vigesima Quarta or Vigessima-quarta are known. Contributions welcome. All known examples of the other names are listed below.

Twenty Fourth 4/5', Great-Solo and Choir-Swell; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh. (Unified with several other 3rd-sounding stops.)

Kleinterz 1-3/5', Oberwerk; Ulm, Muenster, Germany; Walcker 1969.

Octave Tierce 4/5', Positive; Durham Cathedral, Durham, England; Harrison & Harrison 1970.


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