Trompetenregal German

Mentioned only in passing by Williams, with no description. Presumably this was a Regal with trumpet-like tone, or perhaps a Trompete with short resonators.


Osiris contains seven examples, all from the 20th century, four at 8' pitch, two at 4', and one at 16'.

Trompetenregal 16', Brustwerk; Lorenzkirche, Nürnberg, Germany; Steinmeyer 1937.

Trompetenregal 4', Brustwerk; Opera Houe, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Sharp 1979.

Trompetenregal 8', Manual I; John Residence, London, Ontario, Canada; Kney 1994.

Trompetenregal 8', Trompetería [en chamade]; Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea; Schuke 1978.


Williams[1]: Glossary: Trommet.
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