Triplette (unknown)

Listed only by Audsley, who says:

The term employed to designate a compound harmonic-corroborating stop formed of three unbroken ranks of open metal pipes, similar in treatment to the Doublette of the German organ-builders. The Triplette furnishes a favorable opportunity for the formation of a valuable timbre-creating stop. Its ranks may be of metal, or of wood and metal, open or covered, pipes, voiced to yield any desirable tones. Its ranks may be of 2-2/3 ft., 2 ft., and 1-3/5 ft.; 2 ft., 1-3/5 ft., and 1-1/3 ft.; or 1-3/5 ft., 1-1/3 ft., and 1 ft pitch; all the ranks representing and corroborating upper partial tones of the 8 ft. harmonic series. Unless designed as a strictly timbre-creating stop, the Triplette has nothing to specially commend its adoption: its ranks would be more useful as separate stops.
See Mixture.


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Audsley[1]: Triplette.
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