Tiercina (unknown)

A stopped metal flute of 8' pitch in which the fifth harmonic is as prominent as the fundamental, hence its name (see Tierce). The third harmonic is also audible, though much softer. This stop was invented by Hope-Jones and placed in the organ of Worcester Cathedral, England in 1897, and voiced by J. W. Whiteley. Irwin claims its scale to be moderate; other sources report its scale to be small or very small. Wedgwood describes its construction as stopped tin pipes with small bores and windways. Each pipe has a beard and “a sort of shade projecting over the top of the mouth”. According to Bonavia-Hunt, each pipe has a roller bridge to “lock” the fundamental. It was difficult to keep regulated.

The name Tiercina has also been used at least once for a stop of 3-1/5' pitch (see below).


Tiercina 8', Choir; Worcestor Cathedral, Worcestor, England; Hope-Jones 1896.

Tiercina 8', Third Organ, String Sub-division; Festival Hall, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, USA; Art Organ Co. (Audsley) 1904.

Tiercina 3-1/5', Orchestral String Organ; Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia; Hill, Norman & Beard 1929.


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