Tibia Angusta Latin
Tibia Angusta Barbata Latin

Audsley lists Tibia Angusta with the following description:

The term that has been employed by German organ-builders to designate a flute-toned stop, of small scale, and 8 ft. pitch. It resembles in formation and tone the Dolzflöte.

Wedgwood also lists it, saying: A very narrow scaled Flute found in some German organs. It was sometimes bearded, and then known as Tibia Angusta Barbata (sic!). Akin to Dulzflöte. Seidel apparently considered it synonymous with Dulzflöte / Dolzflöte, as did Adlung, who also considered them very similar to the Querflöte Williams also suggests that the Tibia Angusta may have been a Querflöte.


All known examples are given below. Contributions welcome.

Tibia Angusta 8', Organo di Risposta (II); Chiesa di San Filippo Neri, Firenze, Italy; unknown, 1668. A narrow-scaled flue stop with a penetrating tone.


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