Trigesima Terza Italian
Thirty-Third English
Trigesima-Tertia Latin

This is almost never an independent stop, being much too high-pitched, but is a rank found in mixtures. Its pitch is 1/3' when reinforcing the 8' harmonic series, and 2/3' when reinforcing the 16' harmonic series. It sounds the 24th harmonic.

See also Mutations.


No examples are known of Thirty-Third or Trigesima-Tertia. Contributions welcome. All known examples of Trigesima-Terza are given below.

Trigesima Terza 2/3', Manual; Church of San Giuseppe, Brescia, Italy; Antegnati 1581.

Trigesimaterza, Manual; Parrocchia di S.Giorgio Martire, Pianura, Naples, Italy; Aveta 1831.

Trigesimaterza 2/3', Manual; Basilica, San Bernadino, Aquila, Italy; da Camerino 1726 restored (1989-91).

Trigesima Terza 1-3/5' [sic], Positivo; Osterkirche, Nurnberg-Worzeldorf, Bayern, Germany; Freiburger 1994. (Is this a misprint, or a mistake on the part of the organ-builder?)

Trigesima terza 1/3' (continuo organ); First Congregational Church, Los Angeles, California, USA; Schlicker 1969.


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