Terzflöte German
Tertsfluit Dutch

Not mentioned in the literature, these names presumably indicate a flute stop of 1-3/5' pitch. Not to be confused with Tierce Flute.

See Terz.


Osiris contains 17 examples of Terzflöte, all at 1-3/5' pitch except for one at 3-1/5'. All known examples of Tertzfluit are given below.

Terzfloete 3 1/5', Manual I; Dom, Schwerin, Germany; Ladegast 1871. This is the earliest known example of this name; this example draws with a 2-2/7' rank from c0.

Terzflöte 1 3/5', Swell; First United Methodist Church, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA; Kney 1992.

Tertsfluit 1 3/5', Nevenwerk; Franeker, RK, Netherlands; Adema 1895.

Tertsfluit 1 3/5', Bovenwerk; Lebuïnuskerk, Deventer, Netherlands; Holtgräve.


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