Starkgedackt German
Starkgedeckt German

Audsley lists this stop with the following description:

A large-scaled covered stop, of 16 ft. pitch, the pipes of which are of wood, copiously blown with wind of moderate pressure, and voiced to yield a full and round tone of good mixing quality. Of this stop, Regnier says: “Grand bourdon de seize fortement embouché et donnant aux flûtes ouvertes de huit un velouté et une profondeur remarquables.”

Regnier's quote translates as follows: “Large bourdon of 16' strong-toned [?] and giving to the open flutes of 8' a softness and remarkable depth.” Wedgwood also lists this stop, saying only “A Gedeckt of large scale and poweful intonation.” The German word stark means “strong”.


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