Solo Flute English
Soloflöte German

Solo Flute is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A name used to indicate that a certain 8' or 4' manual Flute stop is of prominent and probably loud voicing and suitable for following the solo line of notes. In the theater organs this may be a bigger-scale Tibia Clausa or Doppelflöte. The term is not used on other than theater organs.

Wedgwood mentions it in passing, but has nothing to add other than the synonym Soloflöte.


Of the four examples of Solo Flute and six examples of Soloflöte listed in Osiris, all but two are in church organs, and none are in theatre organs. All are at 8' pitch except for one at 4' pitch.

Solo Flute 8', Great; Christ Church Cathedral, New Orleans, Lousisiana, USA; Goulding & Wood 1994 (Austin pipes, 1916).

Solo Flute 8', Gallery-Solo; St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York City, New York, USA; Kilgen 1930.

Soloflute 8', Manual I; Monastery, New Norcia, Western Australia; Moser 1922.

Solo Flute 8', Solo; National Cathedral, Washington DC, USA; Skinner 1939.

Soloflöte 8', Manual II; Cathedral, Berlin, Germany; Sauer 1905 (restored around 1990).

Soloflöte 4', Solowerk; Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria; Rieger 1913.


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