Solo 'Cello English
Solo Violoncello (unknown)

This stop is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A String stop of 8' on the manuals formed from Violoncello pipes of large scale and prominent voicing. The term Solo indicates that a rank of pipes is somewhat more conspicuous in tone color than the average rank of the same name. In some cases it may have the same scale and the same wind pressure, but certain salient dimensions which give to the tone a different harmonic structure from that of the average rank. In a few cases the solo form of the stop may even be softer than average, as in a Solo Muted 'Cello or Solo Muted Violin. The distinct tonality of a solo stop sets it apart from other ranks of the same name. The term Solo need not be included in the name, but frequently has been in theater organs, since two Clarinets or two Tibia Clausas may be included in the same organ on the same or different manuals.

Audsley mentions it only in a footnote, and the stop in the Tewkesbury Abbey organ that he calls Solo Violoncello is in fact labelled simply Violoncello.

A completely different Solo Cello stop was developed by John Compton.


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