Singend Gedeckt German
Singengedeckt German

Maclean describes Singend Gedeckt as follows:

The modern German stop of this name is of smaller scale than the Lieblich Gedeckt, with a narrow cut-up, and very lightly winded at the foot. Similar to Stillgedeckt

The name Singengedeckt is listed only by Irwin, and is probably a misspelling, as no examples are known. Irwin says:

A stoppered wooden Flute of 16', 8', or 4' manual pitch. This variety of the Gedeckt tribe sounds with a warm, fluty, round effect on the ear that is suitable for solo playing as well as a source of fundamental to be added to other stops. The better examples of this beautiful Flute have a “singing” quality that is really just a superior inner resonance within the structures of the pipes.


No examples are known of the name Singengedeckt. Osiris contains fifteen examples of Singend Gedeckt, three at 4' pitch and the rest at 8', all from the 20th century.

Singend Gedeckt 8', Positiv; Trinity Church On the Green, New Haven, Connecticut, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1935.

Singend Gedeckt 8', Choir; First Baptist Church, Denver, Colorado, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1945.

Singendgedeckt 8', Positiv; Symphony Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1950.

Singendgedeckt 4', Pedal; Saint Ignatius Church, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA; Kimball 1989.

Singend Gedeckt 8', Positiv; Calvary Church, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Moller 1990.


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