Sext (unknown)

Wegwood lists the name Sexte as deriving from the Latin sextus, meaning “sixth”, and describes it as: “A two-rank Mixture, composed of a Twelfth or Tierce on one slider. The interval between the two ranks is that of a sixth.” Sumner lists Sext it as “A stop having the twelfth and tierce of the sesquialtera but made with ranks of flute type.”


Osiris contains only one example, which is apparently not a mixture but a single rank mutation. Contributions welcome.

Sexte 1-3/5', Brustwerk; Patronatskirche, Basedow, Germany, Herbst & Gercke 1683 (restored by Schuke 1983).


Sumner[1]: Sext. Wedgwood[1]: Sexte.
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