Schalmei Regal German

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A variety of Regal, at 8', 4' or 2' on the manuals, and 8' or 4' on the pedals, yielding an intensely brilliant tone that sugests that acid whine of the Schalmei as well as the windy, piping, thin tone of most Regals. It is a hybrid that joins in one stop two large tribes of short-resonatored Reeds: the Schalmeis and the Regals. The functions are the same as those of the Regals, except that this stop sounds more appropriately by itself in countermelody than most Regals. The resonators amplify just a certain range of partials, this range changing somewhat from higher to lower as the scale is ascended. The very short pipes usually break back to a greater length towards the top of the compass of the stop. Narrow brass tubes (sometimes of spotted metal) from one-eighth to one-quarter of the unison lengths sit on the tops of the boots. On the tops of these narrow cylinders may be brass bells of long slender form or short wide form, depending upon the type of tone desired.


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Irwin[1]: Schalmei Regal.
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