Rohrquint[e] German
Roerquint Dutch
Rohrflötenquinte German
Rohrflötquint German

Ausdley and Irwin define the German names as denoting a Rohrflöte at 5-1/3' pitch, though Osiris contains as many examples at 2-2/3' as at 5-1/3', as well as nearly as many examples at 10-2/3'. The name Rohrquinte has also been used as a synonym for Rohrnasat. This is a very old stop; the earliest known example dates from 1646 (see below).


No examples of Rohrflötquint or Rohrflötenquinte are known. Contributions welcome.

Rohrquint 12', Pedaal; Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, The Netherlands; Hagerbeer 1639-46.

Rohrquinte 5-1/3', Pedal; Merseburg Cathedral, Merseburg, Germany; Ladegast 1853-55. (This stop was originally part of an older instrument.)

Rohrquint 2-2/3', Manual I; Cathedral, Bremen, Germany; Sauer 1939.


Adlung[1]: §184 Rohrflöte. Audsley[1]: Rohrflötenquinte, Rohrquinte; Irwin[1]: Rohrflötenquinte, Rohrquinte; Locher[1]: Quint;
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