Rohrbordun German
Rohrbourdon German/French
Bourdon à Cheminée French

Audsley and Wedgwood describe Rohrbordun as a 16' Rohrflöte. Irwin describes it as a large-scale Rohrflöte at 16', 8' or 4' pitch. While Dom Bedos uses the name Bourdon à Cheminée occasionally, that name apparently did not appear on any classical French drawknobs; Bourdons of that time and place were routinely made with chimneys. The name Rohrbourdon does not appear in the literature, but appears to be used more frequently than Rohrbordun.




Osiris contains nine examples of Bourdon à Cheminée, one at 16' and the rest at 8', 18 examples of Rohrbourdon, and 11 examples of Rohrbordun.

Bourdon à Cheminée 16', Grand Orgue; Broadway Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, USA; Casavant 1996.

Bourdon à Cheminée 8', Positif; St. Etienne du Mont, Paris, France; Cavaille-Coll 1873.


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