Quintadena Celeste English?
Quintaphon (unknown)
Quintaphone (unknown)

Quintaphon is listed only by Skinner, who says: “Two small Quintadenas tuned as a Celeste. Developed by the writer.” Skinner reportedly made only three. We assume Quintaphone to be a synonym. The name Quintadena Celeste is listed only by Strony, who reports that it was included only in a few larger theatre organs. Hope-Jones used a similar stop under the name Celestina, a Phoneuma celeste.

See also Unda Maris.


All known examples are given below:

Quintaphone 8', Solo; John Wanamaker Store, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Quintadena Celeste 8', Orchestral Chamber; Fisher Theatre, Detroit, Michigan, USA; Wurlitzer 1928. Relocated to Senate Theatre, Detroit.

Quintadena Celeste 8', Echo; First Baptist Church, Jackson, Mississippi, USA; Skinner 1940. This stop is now in the possession of William Wymond.

Quintadena Celeste II 8', Echo; First Congregational Church, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA; Skinner.

Quintadena Celeste 8', Solo; Wilson College, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA; Moller 1937.


Skinner[1]: XII Quintaphon. Strony[1]: Quintadena Celeste.
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