Quint Bass English
Quintbass German
Major Quinte (unknown)
Quintenbass German

A pedal mutation stop of 10-2/3' pitch. It has been made in a variety of forms: wood or metal, open or stopped. Irwin reports that it is usually of Diapason tone; Audsley says that open pipes “are to be desired in all cases”. This stop reinforces the 32' harmonic series, but it often appears in a pedal division that has no 32' stops: when drawn with a 16' stop, it produces a resultant 32' tone (see Resultant).

For other synonyms, see Fifth.




Osiris contains about 55 examples of Quintbass, about 10 of which are at 5-1/3' pitch, the others at 10-2/3'. No examples of Quintenbass or Major Quinte are known. Contributions welcome.


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