Principal Amabile German?
Principalino ???
Singend Principal German?
Singend Prinzipal German

These names are mentioned only by Maclean, without any description:

The German builders seem to show a partiality toward subtle varieties of Diapason tone, and exhibit considerable ingenuity in devising fanciful names for them, such as Principal Amabile, Princialino, Singend Principal, etc.


Osiris contains seven examples of Singend Principal, three examples of Principalino, and five examples of Principal Amabile.

Prinzipal Amabile 8', Manual I; Dom, Berlin, Germany; Sauer 1905.

Principal Amabile 8', Manual II; Elisabethkirche, Bonn, Germany; Klais 1990.

Principal Amabile 8', Manual I; Dom, Bremen, Germany; Sauer 1996.

Principalino 4', Choir; Roxy Grove Concert Hall, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, USA; Ruffatti 1972.

Principalino 4' Choir; Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA; Ruffatti 1973.

Principalino 4', Positiv; Cathedral, Passau, Bavaria, Germany; Steinmeyer 1924.

Principalino 4', Gran Organo; Principalino 8', Eco-Expresivo; Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico; Tamburini 1958.

Singend Prinzipal 2', Kronwerk; St. Kastor, Koblenz, Germany; Spaeth 1962.

Singend Principal 8', Manual I; Abbey Church, Neresheim, Germany; Steinmeyer 1949.

Singend Prinzipal 4', Oberwerk; Grosser Saal, Gesellschaft der MusikfreundeVienna, Austria; Walcker 1968.


Maclean[1]: Harfenprincipal.
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