Pfeiferflöte German

This name is listed only by Adlung, who writes:

Pfeiferflöte, as some call it, is a stopped Quinte of 3' pitch; see Praetorius, l.c., p. 139. The Nasat ... is in the opinion of some the same thing; see the Anleitung, p. 436, note (m), where I have mentioned that Gregorius Vogel calls the stopped Quinte 3' a Pfeiferflöte. Since the Nasat is neither always stopped nor always a Quinte, it would be better to consider each of these as a separate stop.

The only other reference we have to this stop-name is from Seidel-Kothe, by way of Audsley: “Pfeiferflöte wird zuweilen Nasat 2-2/3' genannt.” (“Pfeiferflöte is called occasionally Nasat 2-2/3'.”)

See Pfeife, Flöte. Compare with Stopped Twelfth, Gedecktquinte.


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