Petit Nasard French
Petite Nazard French

Petite Nazard is listed only by Irwin, who says:

A soft, small-scale 2-2/3' Diapason or Harfenprinzipal on the manuals, voiced to sound well with the soft flue chorus, perhaps made up of Gemshorns, Octave Diapasons, of other diminutive Foundation ranks.

Douglass, however, defines the Petit Nazard as a synonym for Larigot, a flute stop of 1-1/3' pitch, “inherited from the sixteenth century”. Williams defines Petit Nasard as a synonym for Larigot.

See Nazard.


The only known example comes to us from Douglass:

Petit nasard 2-2/3', Pedale; Saint-Martin, Tours, France; LeFèbre 1761.


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