Flauto di Pan Italian
Pandean Flute English
Pan Flute English
Panflöte German

A very rare flute stop of 2' or 1' pitch, whose tones resemble those of the instrument of the same name. Wedgwood alone gives the name Pandean Flute, apparently as a synonym, but goes on to say that at 8' or 4' pitch it is equivalent to the Vienna Flute, and that at 2' or 1' it is “practically identical” with the Campana. Only Sumner gives the synonym Pan Flute.


The literature gives but two examples, both in the organ in the Cathedral of Lund, Sweden: one in the Oberwerk at 2' pitch, and one in the Pedal at 1' pitch, both of tin. It is not known which of this stop's synonyms were used there. Osiris contains no examples of this stop.


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