Ottavino Italian

This name is mentioned only by Williams, who defines it as “the 2' open metal flute of Venetian organs in the later 18th cent., used in Cornet but not pleno combinations.”

Compare with Ottavina.


Osiris contains ten examples, all but one at 2' pitch, and all but two in Italian organs.

Ottavino 2', manual; Madonna del Castello, Almenno San Salvatore, Bergamo, Italy; Bossi 1760. This is the earliest known example, but may have been added in the 19th or 20th century.

Ottavino 2', manual; Almenno San Salvatore, Serravalle, Italy; Agati 1822.

Ottavino 1/2', Organo Principale (bass); Cathedral of Santa Maria, Bastia, Italy; Serassi 1844.


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