Orchestral Tuba English

Mark Venning, Director of Harrison & Harrison, describes this stop as follows:

Where an organ has more than one Tuba, the term Orchestral Tuba is used for an expressive (enclosed) stop, to distinguish it from an unenclosed Tuba. The voicing would be smooth and full-toned, but also colourful. There is no special difference in the pipe form or scale.
See Tuba.


All known examples are listed below.

Orchestral Tuba 8', Solo; Durham Cathedral, Durham, England; Willis 1877, Harrison & Harrison 1905, 1935, 1970.

Orchestral Tuba 8', Solo; Harrow School, London, England; Lewis 1906, Walker, Harrison & Harrison 1981-82.

Orchestral Tuba 8', Great/Swell/Solo; Cathedral of SS. Mary, Denys & George, Manchester, England; Harrison & Harrison 1952-57, 1974, 1979.


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