Octavenbass German
Oktavenbass German

Mentioned only briefly by Adlung, who says: “Oktavenbass is also familiar enough; it stands at 16' at Görlitz”.

See also Octavbass, Grossoctavbass.


Osiris contains a dozen examples, one at 16' pitch, two at 4', and the rest at 8', all in pedal divisions. The oldest ones are listed below.

OctavenBass 8', Pedal; St. Stephanskirche, Tangermünde, Germany; Scherer 1624.

Octaven-Bass 8', Pedal; Stadtkirche St. Johannes, Neustadt/Orla, Thuringia, Germany; Fincke 1724-48.


Adlung[1]: §171 Oktave.
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