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An Oboe stop of 4' pitch. Irwin calls it an imitative stop, but then contradicts himself by saying that it can be made in the form of either the (unimitative) Oboe or the Orchestral Oboe. Audsley maintains that it is unimitative.


This stop is uncommon under any name. No examples of Hautboy Clarion or Echo Clarion are known. Contributions welcome..

Octave Hautboy 4', Swell; Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucestershire, England; various.

Octave Hautboy 4', Swell; Newry Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church, Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland; unknown 1806.

Octave Oboe 4', Choir, Solo; Town Hall, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Hill 1886.

Octave Oboe 4', Great-Solo, Choir-Swell; Convention Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA; Midmer-Losh.

Oboe Clarion 4', Orchestral; Auditorium, Ocean Grove, New Jersey, USA.

Oboe Clarion 4', Swell; First Congregational Church, Lagrange, Illinois, USA; Wotteler, Holtkamp & Sparling 1937.

Oboe Clarion 4', Swell; Claremont College, Claremont, California, USA; Estey 1931. (Unified to 16' & 8'.)

Oboe Clarion 4', Pedal; St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church, Hastings, Nebraska, USA; Quimby 1996. (Extension of 8' Swell Oboe.)


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