Oboe Schalmei (unknown)

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

A Reed stop of 8' manual pitch, and 8' or 4' pedal pitch. It has the thin, nasal, plaintive tone of the Oboe tribe and some of that peculiarly bright, acid sound that the Schalmei gives. This is a tonal unison of a unison-length and a very short resonator. This stop's resonators vary between one-quarter and one-half the unison length. The pedal tone makes a distinctive line of notes, with flues or uncombined. In counter-melody on the manuals this stop adds much individuality of effect and can emphasize any notes. This acid, whining voice may be a solo stop upon occasion. It is different from most short-resonatored Reeds heard in this country, but a few have been made here. These slender, cylindrical pipes may have narrow brass bells on their tops.


Oboe Schalmey 8', Swell; First United Methodist Church, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA; Gabriel Kney & Co 1992.


Irwin[1]: Oboe Schalmei.
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