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Mollters Swedish?

A mutation listed only by Sumner, who says: A tierce of pitch a minor third above an octave or double octave. It is made in 128/77-ft. [1 51/77] pitch by Walcker as a pedal stop.

A true Tierce is at 1-3/5' pitch, and sounds approximately a major third. All known examples of this stop or pitch have 19 in the denominator, which reinforces the 19th harmonic, sounding at approximately a minor third. This is more plausible than the 64/77' implied by Sumner, which would not reinforce any natural harmonic. That organ contains a number of other very rare pitches in its mixtures, including 4/17', reinforcing the 17th harmonic of the 4' series, and 4/21', reinforcing the 21st.


Below are listed all known examples of stops or mixtures sounding a minor third.

Mollterz 16/19', Hauptwerk; Peterskirche, Sinzig-am-Rhein, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, Walcker 1972.

Mollters 16/19', Huvudverk; Göteborg Cathedral, Gothenburg, Sweden; Magnussons 1961.

Zimbel III (1/7', 1/9', 2/19'), Schwellwerk; Kreuzeskirche, Essen (Ruhrgebiet), Germany; Karl Schuke 1968.

Terzian II (1' + 16/19'), Brustwerk; Kaiser Wilhelm Gedaechtniskirche, Berlin, Charlottenberg, Germany; Karl Schuke 1962.

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Sumner[1]: Mollterz.
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