Klingendzimbel German?
Klingend[e] Cymbel German?
Klingender Cymbel German?

The only definition we have of this stop comes from Adlung:

Klingender Cymbel, [Praetorius] says, is also 3 ranks, but repeats [continually] throughout the entire keyboard, and is considered the most artistic; it is encountered twice at the Jacobikirche in Hamburg, as well as at Bernau in the Mark [Brandenburg] and at the Nicolaikirche in Leipzig.

Irwin only mentions it in a list of mixture stops under the heading “Diapason Chorus”, with no definition. The German word klingend means “ringing”.

See Zimbel.


All known examples are given below.

Klingend Zimbel III, Oberwerk; St. Andreaskirche, Hildesheim, Germany; von Beckerath.

Klingend Zimbel IV 1/2', Mittelwerk; Muenster, Ulm, Germany; Walcker 1969.

Klingende Zimbel III, Positiv; Chapel of the Resurrection, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA; Schlicker 1959.

Klingend Cymbel III 1/5', Positiv; Nihon Hosoo Kyoka, Tokyo, Japan; Schuke 1973.

Klingend Cymbel IV-V 1/4', Schwellwerk; Lorenzkirche, Nuernberg, Germany; Steinmeyer 1937.


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