Hellflöte German
Hellpfeife German

According to most sources, this is an 8' or 4' open wooden flute of bright tone. Audsley describes it as being of small scale; Irwin claims it is of moderate scale. Wedgwood gives a completely different definition, equating it with either the Campana or Sharp Mixture. Maclean equates it with the Flageolet, Flautino, Octavin, and Piccolo. The name comes from the German word hell, meaning “clear”.

While some sources list this name as synonymous with Clear Flute, they are different stops.


Hellfloete 2', Enclosed Positiv; St. Thomas, New York City, New York, USA; Aeolian-Skinner 1956. (old Piccolo revoiced, 2" scale)

Hellfloete 2', Choir; National Cathedral, Washington DC, USA; various 1939-1975.

Hellpfeife 8'; St. Lamprecht, Lüneburg, Germany. Cited by Praetorius.


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