Harmonicabass German
Harmonikabass German

A 16' Harmonica. Audsley gives a scale for square wooden pipes of 4.44" at CCC, 2.73" at CC, 1.67" at C, and 1.25" at G, ratio 1:2.66, on 2.5" to 3" of wind. Wedgwood says that it “corresponds to a small-scaled Major Bass or wood Violon.


Harmonikabass 16', Pedal; New Synagogue, Berlin Germany; Walcker 1910 (destroyed).

Harmonikabass 16', Pedal; Hauptorgel, Passau Cathedral, Bavaria, Germany; Steinmeyer 1924-26.

Harmonikabass 16', Pedal; St. Martin, Dornbirn, Austria; Behmann, 1927 (restored 1986).

Harmonicabass 16', Pedal; Catholic Church, Berne, Switzerland.


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