Harmonic Cymbal English

Listed only by Irwin, who says:

An unusually brilliant and penetrating form of the manual Cymbal stop, made from open metal pipes of harmonic length. These pipes sound more brilliant at these high pitches because their trains of overtones are down nearer the threshold of audibility than those sounded by the unison-length pipes of the Cymbal. They are less dissonant and also of better blend with the louder Reed and flue stops.
. . .
These very high-pitched ranks will duplicate harmonics to the point of unusual loudness and even intense brilliance. This type of mixture is suitable only with the loudest of fanfares or flue ensembles.

This stop may have been a figment of Irwin's imagination; see Cymbale Harmonique for a better authenticated stop with a similar name. See also Cymbal, Harmonic Flute.


Irwin gives the following six-rank examples, specified only at middle C:

2-2/3' + 2' + 1-1/3' + 1' + 2/3' + 1/2'
1-3/5' + 1-1/3' + 1' + 4/5' + 2/3' + 1/2'


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Irwin[1]: Harmonic Cymbal.
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