Grossrohrflöte German

A Rohrflöte of sub-octave pitch, i.e. 16'. This name is mentioned only by Adlung, who says:

Grossrohrflöte 16' is better to use in the manual than the low Gedackt 16', since it sounds louder and clearer and produces in addition a euphonious quint. It stands in the large organ at St. Nikolai in Hamburg and in the Stadtkirche organ at Rudolstadt. 46) and in the main manual of the Hauptkirche of the BVM at Mühlhausen, of wide scale and strong voicing. It has chimneys that project outward. [Albrecht] There is ... a Grossrohrflöte 16' [available] separately in the manual and pedal in the Klosterkirche organ at Riddagshausen ...




None known other than those mentioned above.


Adlung[1]: §184 Rohrflöte.
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