Gross Flute German/English
Grossflöte German
Grosse Flöte German
Grosse Flûte French

A large scale open flute of 8' pitch, often made of wood and sometimes having double mouths (see Doppelflöte). Audsley claims it is of medium scale. Irwin describes its tone as “midway between dull and bright”. Skinner claims Gross Flute to be “an obsolete 8' wood Diapason; an exaggerated Claribel Flute”.


Osiris contains three dozen examples, all at 8' except for two at 16' and one at 4'. The earliest examples are given below.

Grosse Flute 8', Grand Orgue; Cathedral, Murcia, Spain; Merklin 1857.

Grosse Flûte 8', Pèdale; St. Sernin, Toulouse, France; Cavaillé-Coll 1889.

Grosse Flöte 16', Pedal; Priory, Bridlington, England; Anneessens 1889.


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