Glockenzimbel German?
Glockenzymbel German?

Mentioned only by Irwin in a list of mixture stops, with no definition. The name probably comes from the German words glocken (“bells”), and zimbel (“cymbal”). Alastair Disley writes: “a Glockenzimbel is a Zimbel type stop with one of the three ranks tuned to a third, rather than quint or octave.”

Compare with Terzzimbel.


Glockenzimbel, 12 bells, Positiv; in Alfred Hertz Memorial Hall, University of California, Berkeley, California, USA. (The specification “12 bells”, rather than a pitch or number of ranks, implies that this example may be a variety of Zimbelstern.)

Osiris[1] lists several other examples, all of II or III ranks, and some with a pitch designation of 1/3' or 1/2'.


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