Gemshornbass German

A Gemshorn that appears in the pedal. Irwin lists this name as a synonym for Gemshorn, but this is not strictly correct, as the suffix “bass” indicates that the stop appears in the pedal division; the name Gemshornbass would not properly be used for a manual stop.




All known examples are listed below.

Gemshornbass 8', Pedal; St. Laurentius, Bad Neuenahr, Ahrweiler, Germany; Fischer & Kraemer 1988.

Gemshornbass 16', Pedal; Cathedral St. Stephan, Vienna, Austria; Kauffmann 1960.

Gemshorn-bass 16', Pedal; Ford Hall Auditorium, Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York, USA; Schlicker 1968.

Gemshornbass 16', Pedalwerk; Liebfrauendom, Munich, Germany; Zeilhuber 1957.


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