Gambenbass German
Viola di Gambenbass German
Violdigambenbass German

The name Gambenbass is listed only by Audsley, who says:

The labial stop of 16 ft. pitch, formed of open cylindrical metal pipes of medium scale, which furnishes the true Pedal Organ bass to the manual Viola da Gamba, 8 ft. The stop has been labelled in full, showing this relationship, as stated by Seidel “Die gewöhnliche Tongrösse der Gamba ist im Manualgewöhnliche 8', selten 4', wo sie im letztern Falle Viola heisst, mit der Altviola oder Bratsche im Einklang steht und der wahre Repräsentant derselben ist, im Pedal kommt sei zu 16' unter dem Namen Viola di Gambenbass oder Gambenbass vor.”


The normal pitch of the Gamba in the manuals is 8', and rarely 4', in which case it is called Viola, with which the Altviola (High Viola) or Bratsche (Viola) is in agreement/harmony, and it is actually a representation of the same thing. In the pedal, it occurs at 16' pitch under the name Viola di Gambenbass or Gambenbass.

Compare with Contra Viola da Gamba and Contra Gamba.


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