Forty-Third English
Quadragesima Terza Latin

This is almost never an independent stop, being much too high-pitched, but is a rank found in mixtures. It sounds the 64th (?) harmonic. Its pitch is 1/8' when reinforcing the 8' harmonic series, and 1/4' when reinforcing the 16' harmonic series. It is mentioned only in passing by Irwin. This is the highest pitched rank we have encountered in the literature. If used, it would have to break back after at most an octave and a half, at which point the pipe's speaking length would be a mere 1/2", the smallest normally made.

See also Mutations.


All known examples are given below. Contributions welcome.

Quadragesima terza, Grande Organo; Duomo, Guastalla, Italy; Serassi 1794.

Quadragesima terza, Primo Organo; Duomo di Valenza, Italy; Serassi, 1851.


Irwin[1]: Thirty-Sixth.
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