Flûte à Bec French
Flûte à Becq French
Flaut-à-Becq (unknown)

The Flûte à Bec is a 8' or 4' flute stop imitative of the instrument of the same name, the recorder. According to Irwin, it is soft-toned, has small scale open pipes, and is usually made of metal. Wedgwood states that it is sometimes conical, and sometimes “wholly or partially stopped”. It is not clear how this stop differs from the Recorder stop or the stop named for the German synonym Blockflöte. See also Flûte à Neuf Trous.


Osiris contains eighteen examples at 2' pitch, three at 4', and one at 8', all from the late 20th century. No examples are known of Flaut-à-Becq, Flûte à Becq (listed only by Wedgwood) or Flûte à Neuf Trous. Contributions welcome.




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